Office 365 Increases Productivity

How Office 365 Increases Productivity

Five years ago, Microsoft released one of its most successful platforms ever: Office 365. Since then the cloud-based suite has quickly exploded in popularity and usage. In fact, Office is currently the most used collaborative platform on the market.


What exactly makes Office 365 so great? The short answer is the overall boost in productivity that it offers organizations. You may have guessed that from the title. But it’s true – Office 365 offers benefits that facilitate simply producing more for your business.


Cloud-based applications, online storage, and guaranteed redundancy are some key features that make the innovative platform very attractive to successful companies. How exactly do those features help with productivity?

Collaborate whenever you need to.

Office 365 greatly improves document collaboration between team members. Remember the tedious process of sending a document around an “email loop” for revisions? You know, when you would make an edit, forward the document, and have it re-re-re-edited by the tenth person that got the file? This way of communication was unorganized, left people unaccountable, and was generally user-unfriendly.


There’s no more of that.


The cooperative nature of Office 365 means that you receive instant input from all the right people. Using your favorite online Office apps in the cloud, you can easily collaborate with people on Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents. Your changes are instantly applied and tracked back to you (for better or for worse). Skipping out on the email loop means you save time and energy while producing more high-quality work.

Forget about downtime.

You should never let downtime dictate your productivity. If you switch to Office 365, you’ll never have to worry about your data being inaccessible. Why? Microsoft hosts your files in data centers that are spread all over the world, creating a healthy dose of redundancy. Should something happen to a data center, the others will seamlessly take over and continue to provide you with your files.


Downtime doesn’t only come from problems, like cyber attacks and natural disasters. Downtime can also be periods of time that you’d like to work, but can’t connect at the office. The most common example for this would be air travel. Having a long flight with nothing to do can kill your productivity, but with Office 365, it doesn’t have to. As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can access all of your files from anywhere in the world. You’ll never be far from your data again.

Big files? No problem.

Do you have a big file that you want to share, but it can’t be delivered in an email? You could put it on a flash drive and physically bring it to the recipients … but that would be impractical. Do you wish there was a way to simply share the file itself? Office 365 provides the solution that you’re looking for.


Using Office 365’s “share” feature, recipients will have direct access to the file. They can also freely make edits to it, as needed. Recipients can also download the large file without issue if they would like a copy of it for themselves. Your productivity will increase when you can focus on your work, and not on the size of your files.

Find out for yourself.

Microsoft has created a fantastic platform for productivity. Office 365 is a flexible solution for your business that is always evolving and introducing new features. These innovations in Office 365 are maximizing the advantages of cloud technology to boost productivity in the workplace.


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