Office 365

The Convenience of Office 365

It’s no secret that the fast track to increased productivity includes streamlining workflows. The less time someone spends transitioning from one task to another, the more time there is for work. Microsoft’s Office 365 has a variety of high-powered tools seamlessly integrated to provide one of the most convenient workflows on the market. Let’s look at what it can do for your business.

Improved Apps for Work

Perhaps Microsoft’s Office isn’t new to your company, and you’re already familiar with some of its long-standing applications. Well, they just got better. By upgrading to Office 365, businesses have access to all of Microsoft’s legendary apps, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. But those are just the beginning, and many of them have made it to mobile devices as well.

Office 365 is continually evolving and has grown to include applications such as OneNote, Sway, SharePoint, and more. With each app, Microsoft aims at increasing productivity for individuals, while promoting collaboration for teams.

Other than just an expanded suite of tools, Office 365 comes with constant updates. No more paying one-time, large upgrade fees to get the latest apps. Office 365 is subscription-based, making it much more affordable for companies of every size.

Cloud-Based Apps and Storage

Remote access is more important to businesses than ever. Office 365 is built with remote access completely in mind.

Can’t install Word or Excel on a particular device? No problem, every single feature you have on your desktop is also online. Vice versa, if you have no access to the internet while away from the office, you can still accomplish plenty of work through desktop applications.

The Cloud makes working online possible. The Cloud stores all your documents and projects and saves them as you work. But Office 365 integrates desktop apps with the Cloud as well. So, even when you’re not working in your browser, you’re still able to save directly to the Cloud. This eliminates the fear of losing valuable work if an employee’s computer is damaged or lost.

Collaborative Solutions

Beyond powerful work tools, perhaps Office 365’s most notable feature is its collaborative design. Individual users or teams can create and share editable projects throughout a company’s network.

Outlook is another key collaborative feature, and it’s better than ever. Missed an email before heading home? Outlook is no longer exclusively on your desktop. Like every other application, you can access all of Outlook’s features online.

Yammer is a newer Office app and is targeted to become a vital part of your business’ future communications. It’s designed to be an internal social network for your company. Read more about it here.

Office 365 and Your Business

Think your company could benefit from using Office 365? We’ve just scratched the surface of the software’s core capabilities. There is too much to explore in one blog post. Our team at DMS Technology is prepared to answer all your questions. But we don’t want to sell you a subscription and leave you hanging. As a managed service provider (MSP), Office 365 support is just one of the many solutions we provide.

Ready to streamline your workflow?