man getting fitted for suit

Tailor Your Unified Communications

Like a well-made suit, a company’s communication channels must be intricately woven together or everything falls apart. Think of each piece of fabric as a person with interest in a company, whether it’s an employee or client. A suit isn’t anything without the stitching between each part to create one cohesive unit. The same applies to companies aiming to maximize collaboration and ensure communication is clear across all media streaming channels.

I.T. professionals have a unique phrase for digital stitching: Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC), which involves tailoring media streaming services to meet clients’ needs. While this sounds fancy, skilled UCC consultants make it easy to understand and can make even the smallest company’s communications feel like a high-end Armani – uniform and uniquely crafted.

Don’t Piece Things Together off the Clearance Rack

Inexperienced companies recognize the importance of putting media streaming channels into place – the basics include instant messaging and voice services. Big names from across the market offer a variety of off-the-shelf communication services and resources. However, it doesn’t take an expert to notice how difficult communicating with peers or clients can be when nothing’s unified.

The best instant messaging platform might be easy to use, but if it’s strictly intuitive for desktops, then employees who only have phones on-hand might find sending and receiving messages a daunting task.

If a company purchases the first video-streaming service it sees while failing to catch that it’s only friendly with mobile devices, communication becomes less productive yet again.

Viewing media streaming platforms and services like a checklist might save money on the front end, but when employees and clients begin using a company’s various channels, it won’t feel like a cohesive suit. Instead, it will look like a thrown-together get up that is ripe off a department store clearance rack. Nothing flows smoothly, and the potential for losses on the backend is endless.

Put on Something that Fits Your Unique Style

No two companies are alike, so purchasing one-size-fits-all solutions is like buying a shoe that almost fits. It’s functional, yet painful. Hiring an IT consultant is like having a professional assistant there to ensure everything their boss puts on goes together. The best consultants are like personal tailors, attentive to every last detail.

A company with a large staff might have trouble integrating employee schedules, especially with ones who frequently travel. Employees who fly out on business-related trips often fall out of the information loop. These same employees who are out of office could experience trouble dialing into a company video conference with high-profile clients.

There are specific communications solutions to each problem in the above scenario, then there are Unified Communications solutions, which work to not only solve problems but integrate each platform together to maximize productivity.

With tailored solutions, the same employees who travel often can dial into video conferences over voice, while ensuring their calendars are aligned for future meetings and maintaining constant contact through their company’s instant messaging applications. The entire process feels seamless, and travel is just one of the many scenarios Unified Communications solutions are for.

Choosing the Right Unified Communications Tailor

IT consultants take every measurement a client needs and weaves solutions to create a unique and productive media streaming experience.

At DMS Technology, our experienced consultants want to ensure your business doesn’t get caught with its suit on backward. Our goal is to enable you to focus on work instead of communication problems.

Let’s stitch something together.