Woman working alone in office without internal communications

The Breakdown of Business Without Internal Communications

In today’s business world, managers and owners know the importance and benefits of internal communications amongst their team members. The statistics for productivity simply cannot be ignored.

But suppose you were to ignore them? What would happen to your business were it not to have any internal communications solutions? It’s an interesting question, so let’s take a quick look at the answer. Here are what we think would be the most immediate effects of your team simply not being able to communicate with one another.

Errors, Errors, Errors

No internal communication equals no quality control. Some people arrogantly claim, “I’m very good at QC’ing my own work.” But the fact of the matter is – it’s next to impossible to catch all errors without a fresh set of eyes looking at it. Not to mention the fact that other departments may very well have critical information about specifics which should be included in the project. Were there no internal communications to convey this, the specifics simply remain left out, and you’re left with a frustrated client – who is frustrated because they must then take on the role of your quality control themselves.

Lack of Team Camaraderie

Think about one of your best friends. Perhaps you met them while you were growing up, perhaps at college, maybe even were (or are) a work associate. Regardless, had you not had all the rewarding experiences with that person, you simply wouldn’t be friends with them now. It works the same way with everyone else – people need communication and experiences with others in order to build camaraderie with them, and without internal communication, that just doesn’t exist. No one is saying you should create an office social club, but giving your people the ability to socialize on a daily basis and learn more about one another greatly enhances employee satisfaction with their jobs, and makes them happier in their work – which generally creates a better overall quality of work.

No Collaboration = Inferior Products

“What do you think about this?”

“Does this fit better, or do you prefer the original?”

“Is this confusing?”

Questions like these happen repeatedly in businesses throughout the country. In order to create the best possible product, it’s important to let a benign audience first look it over. Internal opinions are crucial to being able to “tweak” a project to be just a little better (or sometimes significantly better) even before the QC process begins, much less before the client gets a first look at it. Take away the internal communications, and it’s just your employee making something to the best of their ability, then handing it straight off to the client. As you well know, that’s no way to run a business.

DMS Can Solve Your Internal Communications Woes

Instant messaging, screen sharing, video conferencing, even water cooler chat – they’re all important forms of internal communications. If you’re one of those employers who sees internal communications as a “waste of company time and resources,” we respectfully beg to differ. In fact, we challenge you to take measures to enhance your internal communications, then carefully audit your team’s output quality, productivity, and overall happiness at work. We wager you’ll see a stark contrast – and for the much better. Let’s talk about it.