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The evolution of business ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks can have negative—even crippling—impacts on businesses.

This type of attack is increasingly common and is constantly evolving into new, more advanced strains. Many companies are unaware of the threat it poses. But a basic knowledge of ransomware attacks (and how to prevent them) is vitally important to protecting your organization and your data.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a form of malware that holds your information hostage.

Companies are often unaware that a ransomware attack has occurred until after a hacker has located and encrypted their data. While DMS Technology can help to recover data in some instances, the best strategy is to prepare in advance.

The history of ransomware

The first ransomware attack was the AIDS Trojan, disseminated via floppy disk in 1989. This attack affected many people involved in science fields but wasn’t widespread.

By 2005, ransomware attacks became commonplace, affecting personal users and businesses across all industries. Apps that looked identical to spyware removal tools or other helpful programs spread misinformation, duping users into buying programs that did nothing.

Crypto-ransomware followed soon after, sequestering personal and business data into password-protected files while deleting the originals. The attacks evolved, allowing cybercriminals to disable access and control of computers, requiring a ransom to restore user control.

Users no longer have to download malicious programs for ransomware to take over—it can be installed without any input from the user, so long as their computer is left unprotected.

In previous years, users could wipe their business computers of ransomware using traditional security software to restore their access. However, as security measures tightened, cybercriminals found new ways to hit companies with ransomware.

Now, ransomware usually takes the form of crypto-attacks, outright demanding payment in exchange for restored data.

Regular users lack the ability to remove the ransomware on their own, creating an unfortunate dilemma: lose important business data, some of which may even be confidential customer information or trade secrets, or face paying a ransom.

Using history to inform the future

Companies like DMS Technology have created plans to fight back against ransomware by looking at what happened in the past to learn how to avoid these problems now and in the future. We aim to be several steps ahead of cybercriminals, aware of what tactics they are currently using and anticipating what malicious technology they may soon introduce.

With a focus on business security and disaster recovery planningsecurity consultants can preemptively protect your company from ransomware attempts and other malicious attacks.



The high cost of ransomware

Historically, ransomware has cost companies billions, and the problem is projected only to get worse. Corporate attacks are on the rise simply because malicious people know that businesses can afford higher ransoms than personal users.

The cost of ransoms has increased, too.

A recent survey showed only 42% of surveyed IT professionals had adequate backups to recover from a ransomware attack. Unsecured business systems are wide open, leaving you at risk to pay high ransoms, lose important data . . . or both.

Investing in a custom security solution is well worth it, given the increased risk of your company suffering a ransomware attack of its own.

You can—and should—protect your business from ransomware attacks with robust security measures. DMS Technology is pleased to work with you to provide custom-designed solutions that will ensure your business information is safe.

Customers expect you to honor their trust by keeping their data safe, and you owe it to yourself to protect your company and help it thrive. Contact DMS Technology today for more information.

It’s time to secure your vital business information.