IT Consulting

The Bespoke Way of IT Consulting

Thriving in a densely populated area is something that most small-to-medium sized businesses can do. What sets the larger and more impressive organizations apart from the small startups is often how they’re utilizing technology to leverage serious market-share growth. Understanding what technology is available and, more importantly, what would benefit your company most is key to ensuring continued success.

Good is the enemy of great. This is an important mantra for you to remember in such a fast-paced work environment. Sometimes, it’s difficult to understand that if we choose to settle rather than aiming for elevated success, we could be missing out on some serious gains. These gains could come in the form of clients, customers, cost reductions, process improvements, or even new product/service developments. Chances are, you know your own areas of weakness. You are painfully familiar with the processes that take the most time. Additionally, you are well aware of the restrictions in place due to lack of experience in a given field, as well as the time needed to investigate and learn how to provide ideal solutions.

While you may be aware of your weaknesses, you may be unaware of the effectiveness of IT consulting. DMS Technology has years of experience providing insightful consulting and recommending solutions across a variety of platforms and industries. Typically, DMS can come in and do an in-depth gap analysis to determine the weakest areas of your processes. After that, we’ll work together to come up with a set of solutions that you should explore. Once you have decided what solutions work best for you, we’ll help you implement them. Of course, we’ll take our time to make sure you’re leveraging the right technology, when and where you need it.

In IT consulting, there are four areas that require thorough evaluation: User Computing, Applications, Network and Cyber Security.

User Computing

Some of the areas that DMS can help with include your helpdesk situation, hardware procurement, mobile device management, and technology standards. It’s important that your all-star business is using the best practices of IT to ensure minimum downtime. You hemorrhage money when things are out of order or unaccounted for. The longer something is out of order or unaccounted for, the more money you hemorrhage!


Perhaps one of the biggest secrets to our success lies in determining what applications AREN’T needed. Many organizations are either using the wrong software to complete the desired task or using it incorrectly altogether. We’ll help with determining where you’re taking unnecessary extra steps and help you identify how to streamline these processes.


When it comes to networking, most companies still think it’s the mid-2000s . We will help determine if you really need that mess that’s in your server room. What can you migrate to the cloud? How about taking steps to improve latency? What can you do to ensure secure VPN tunneling?  Gartner predicts that by 2020 cloud deployment of software solutions will be the default option. Thankfully, cloud migrations (and all networking matters) are things that DMS has significant experience with.

Cyber Security

What are you going to do once you’re under attack? You need to have a plan. Cyberattacks happen thousands of times every day, especially in high-dollar-firms. Somebody always wants your client’s information and they’re willing to do anything they can to get it. We will suggest the best ways to prevent this from happening at your business along with outlining the best disaster recovery plan for you.

IT Consulting for You

We customize your plan to suit your needs. As a local business, we want to remain completely transparent and always strive to work with you, rather than for you. Together, we can decide what’s best for you!  

DMS Technology understands the importance of proper training and knowledge transfer. We will be there for you with around the clock support after any implementation that we’ve recommended. Of course, we’ll also continue to suggest enhancements to your organization’s technical infrastructure for the foreseeable future. If that sounds good to you, let’s get started on a plan today.