How an IT Consultant Benefits Your Business

As an SMB owner, you want the best for your company. Why wouldn’t you? You’ve worked hard to build your business and gain the trust of your customers. You want to continue doing so. That’s all well and good, but in this day and age, you’re going to need a rock-solid IT strategy in order to keep delivering your goods and services at an exceptional rate.


— Business Insider

51% of SMB owners cite time as the single biggest obstacle to adopting new technologies, and 18% say lack of understanding is their greatest barrier. Not having the knowledge of new technologies or the time to implement game-changing IT solutions can hurt your business in the long run. Good news is, there’s a way to get the best of both worlds: hiring an IT consultant. They’ll help your company optimize its technology and automate its workflow, helping you meet your goals and grow your business. Here’s how:

Improving Productivity

As a business owner, you want your employees to be as productive as possible. The more you get done, the better chances you have of increasing your revenue intake. IT solutions will help you do this. In fact, 72% of SMB decision-makers say that technology solutions help them significantly improve business outcomes and/or run their business better.


— SMB Group

An IT consultant can help your team become more productive by implementing technology solutions designed to improve employee and client collaboration. They’re equipped with the expertise to strategically choose how and what technology to implement in order to increase productivity within your company.

Reducing Downtime

Not only are IT consultants experts at finding the right technology to improve your business; they’re experts at making sure it’s implemented correctly from the start. By having your technology work properly from the get-go, you’re able to eliminate the downtime you’d normally experience as a result of improper implementations.

IT consultants can also proactively manage your technology to ensure consistent internet connectivity, data security, quality communications, and system performance.

Saving Resources

By having your technology proactively managed by a trusted IT consultant, you’ll save resources across your organization. Consultation and management are provided at a monthly rate, allowing you to effectively budget your IT costs, avoiding surprise expenses.

Hiring a consultant will also save your business the costs typically associated with training, certifying, and managing an internal IT department just to properly handle your network infrastructure. You’ll gain an expertly trained IT team without spending the time and money needed to get employees hired, trained, and up to speed on your technology solutions and processes.

Returning Focus

As a business owner, you may be interested in technology, but chances are it’s not where your real passion lies. Researching and implementing the right technology needed for your business is next to impossible when you’re not an IT industry professional. Figuring out the solutions that will best work takes time away from other critical projects. Hiring an IT consultant allows you to avoid worrying about your technology and focus on what you are truly interested in – growing your business.

— Employtest

In addition to saving you time and energy, your employees will have more freedom to get their tasks complete when they’re not constantly dealing with IT issues. Considering the average employee spends 22 minutes per day focusing on them, you’ll find employee productivity increasing after outsourcing your IT management.

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