Group of tired corporate personnel officers sleeping at table in office because they didn't follow their security risk assessment.

Five Problems Found During a Security Risk Assessment

“Beware of Dog”.

How many times have we seen that sign and rolled our eyes? Or how often have we heard, “Hot, don’t touch!!” Even though we’re warned, and even though the dangers are real, why do we tend to continue to roll our eyes? It’s simple: humans seem to enjoy learning lessons the hard way. However, there are rules for a reason.

There are signs that warn us not to go further, or tell us “STOP, WATCH OUT” – in order to save us time, money, and energy. When it comes to your business, how do you plan to identify those warning signs? Again, simple: by running security risk assessments which systematically process and evaluate any potential risks that could negatively impact your company.  

Lack of Protection Found During a Security Risk Assessment

Faulty Endpoint Protection

Most companies are unaware of how crucial it is to create a secure entry and endpoint in order to prevent unwanted intrusion. In network security, “endpoint security” refers to the systematic protection of the corporate networks who monitor those whom access your systems from remote locations. By protecting your endpoint, you are able to track what laptops or other wireless and mobile devices are trying to access your company’s important files.

Secure Data Protection

How do you keep unwanted visitors from corrupting your data? Through data security, the ultimate safeguard to protecting your database from destructive forces and unauthorized users. Security risk assessments find that most companies do not take the correct digital privacy measures to defend their data.

Ransomware Protection

Are you riddled with bugs? Bugs and virus that creep into your software can prevent users from accessing their systems. How do you fight malicious software from infecting your computer such as ransomware, a malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid?

Password Protection

A security risk assessment will find that the weakest link in businesses are their usage of passwords. Password policies are created to protect the confidentiality of information and data within a company. An inadequate password policy will increase the chances of a business being hacked and infiltrated.

Secure Sharing Protection

If your files and information fall into the wrong hands, in what position will you be? What would happen if your shared files ended up in the incorrect dropbox? Luckily for you, a security risk assessment will scope out the pain point areas, and allow you to prepare for such things. Learn more with five tips to secure privileged and shared accounts.

DMS Technology Determines Potential Risks

Failing to protect your company is preparing to fail. If you have concerns in regards to if your company is properly protecting critical data please call us today and get your free consultation.