Work from Anywhere with Cloud Technology Solutions

These days, what constitutes “the workplace” has greatly evolved from previous generations. Back then work meant being in the office Monday through Friday, 8-5.

People wore business clothing to work, then changed into casuals in the evenings. House and yard work happened on the weekends and recreation or errands when there was time to squeeze them in.

Today, the business world has changed thanks to cloud technology.  The entire world is now your “office.”

— North Bridge

Fix a document while dining at a five-star restaurant, pull up a file on a business trip in Paris, or approve a project while vacationing in Dubai.

With the cloud it’s all yours, anywhere you want it.

Cloud Computing Lets You Communicate, Collaborate, and Control

In addition to working remotely from anywhere, cloud computing also allows you to stay in constant touch with your employees and clients. With the cloud, you can drop a file into your cloud messaging program and your co-workers receive it instantly. Changes are made in real-time for everyone to see.

This is modern business. The world is now your office. Anywhere you have an Internet connection — no matter where you are on the planet — you’re in “your office.” 

 All your files are available the second you sign into your secure network, regardless of the computer you use.

Cloud mobility is the new standard. That’s why it’s time for your “office” to get on board, and DMS will make it happen. 

Goodbye to Onsite Servers, Technology Licenses, and System Updates

It’s happened to all of us.

You’re trying to work, and suddenly — a pop-up warning.

“There is a more up to date version of this program. Would you like to run the update installer now?”

“NO” —> *click!*

“When would you like us to remind you about this system update? In one hour? One day? In one week?”  

With cloud technology solutions, those updates no longer involve you. All updates are handled on the back end, so never again will you be bothered by those irritating pop-ups.

Now, let’s discuss one of the largest highlights: the cost. Have you priced business servers lately? Let us save you the trouble: the cost is exorbitant. Until recently, businesses had to pay astronomical amounts up front in order to get their IT up and running.

These days such up-front costs are unnecessary: everything updates directly to the cloud, and you simply pay the monthly operational service fee. Plus, with DMS, we keep up with every single one of your technology licenses on our end.

Simply put: when you choose cloud technology solutions from DMS, you leave all the technical aspects and upkeep to us, while you spend all your time cultivating and growing your business — again, from anywhere in the world. Welcome to your new “office.”

Call DMS for Your Cloud Technology Solutions

DMS is the best in the business when it comes to cloud technology solutions. Are you ready to embrace “the world” as your office?  Many companies are even choosing to do away with the physical “office” space altogether, allowing all employees to work from home, and holding periodic meetings at a local coffeehouse or restaurant.

The cloud is business’s future today — join us in enjoying every productive moment of it.