Pair of scissors and thread shot in nostalgia to parallel bespoke tailoring and IT Consulting

How We Came Up With Our New IT Consulting Website

Welcome to the first blog of our new IT consulting website!

The Idea Behind Our New IT Consulting Website

Think of your IT provider for a moment. Do they solely provide you the bare minimum technology that your business needs to operate, or are they invested in the outcome of your company? Your answer to that question determines whether or not you are working with an IT consulting firm or doing business with another off-the-rack IT company. When we created this website, we wanted to convey the message that DMS is not your typical off-the-rack IT provider. We are a team of professional, highly skilled IT consultants and business advisors. We’re committed to taking care of your business and managing your technology just as one would an expensive, customer tailored suit.

Bespoke Technology Outcomes

When you partner with DMS, you’ll see that we view your business as an extension of you. You wouldn’t wear poorly fitting clothes that don’t enhance your style. You shouldn’t put technology in your company that doesn’t enhance its brand and market presence. Instead of coming in and implementing whatever technology you want, we sit down to analyze your entire business – from your daily activities to your unique, one-time projects. We’ll look at your processes and workflow, how each employee works, and what your vision of where you’d like your company to go in the future. Doing this gives us an opportunity to custom created a solution that fits your particular business like a second skin – you know, the way a good suit is supposed to fit.

The Difference in Our IT Consulting

We don’t hastily throw your technology solutions together the way typical MSPs do. We take the approach that you should always measure twice and cut once. We go into all the extra fine details to make sure you have beautiful technology that serves you how it’s meant to serve you. You’ll receive all the best technology solutions – pieced together and fitted to your business perfectly. When you contact our IT consulting firm – we’ll take care of you as if you were on Saville Row in London.