Risk management

Luxury Risk Management: What the Fashion Industry is Facing

Risk management is a systematic evaluation of risks and how to handle, respond to and even prevent them. These risks can be related to anything financial, to a project flopping, to accidents and straight-out sabotage.

The fashion shows are the peacock struts of the fashion industry and these major events have endless lists of potential risks that can ruin it. Just like in your business and your IT company, the fashion industry has a relies on risk managers to anticipate and plan for bumps in the runway.

Making Sure You Shine

Lighting is a crucial element to any fashion show. The wrong filter can completely alter how a piece appears to the audience. Just like lights can impact the right software and hardware can make or break your business operations. A designer doesn’t want to worry about changing a spotlight in the middle of a show, so leaving things installation and maintenance to the pros at DMS will allow you to focus on business operations, not crashing computers or burned-out bulbs.

Without a Hitch

Lighting is a small piece of what makes a fashion show successful. There are entire teams of people who make sure everything is in place for the event to go off as flawlessly as possible. Similarly, patch management with your IT company works to make sure all of your software is up to date and functioning properly.

DMS will sift through software updates for you, decide which ones you really need, and implement them after business hours to save you from as much downtime as possible.

When the Worst Does Happen

Disaster recovery is an essential tool for any business. Nearly all companies will experience some kind of disaster that halts business operations. These events can be something as small as a power outage or server crash to much more serious things like a natural disaster or terrorist attack.

Derek Zoolander’s Magnum was basically the disaster recovery tool of the fashion show in the climax of the 2001 film. Zoolander’s face was what kept the show from descending into absolute chaos and saved the Malaysian Prime Minister from assassination.

Just like Magnum saved the day, disaster recovery can salvage and restore your business from a disaster before it even happens.

Risk management is an essential tool for your business that will keep any and all problems under control. DMS can help. Let’s talk about it.