Personal Shopper Picking Out Outfits

How IT Consulting and Personal Shopper Relate

There are things in the world you wouldn’t ever think were very similar with one another. You might think that about IT consulting and having a personal shopper. In case you don’t know, a personal shopper is a fashion expert who knows all the modern trends, and either goes shopping with you or for you. Sounds pretty far removed from IT consulting, doesn’t it? You’d be surprised! Let’s have a look.

Both Personal Shoppers and IT Consulting Give You Recommendations.

When you’re out shopping with your personal shopper, they’ll not only advise you on which stores you should visit that day, but also on brand names, types of items that would most benefit your specific wants or needs, and what “statements” the selections will make. Likewise, in IT consulting, you’ll be advised on which hardware, software and services would be best for you, your employees, and your company as a whole. They’ll show you how what you select will project a professional “statement” about your brand, and what products are better suited for your specific needs.

Both Personal Shoppers and IT Consulting Offer Great Convenience.

If you don’t feel like shopping that day, a personal shopper will just take your payment method and make the best selections based on what they know about you. In the world of IT consulting, you can receive the same treatment. Many of our clients trust us implicitly, and request we make all their IT purchasing decisions for them. This provides them with the highest level of products and services, while subsequently alleviating them of several time-consuming responsibilities.

Both Personal Shoppers and IT Consulting Allow You As Much Involvement As You Wish.

As mentioned above, some people prefer to shop with their personal shoppers to provide feedback and input about the purchases before they’re made. Others like to leave all the selections to the experience and creativity of their personal shopper. With IT consulting, you’re granted the same freedoms: if you want to be involved in the selection process of your IT purchases, you are more than welcome. If, however, you prefer we handle everything, that’s fine too. Hey, you can even flip-flop between the two, or find a happy medium in-between. Whatever makes you most comfortable is great with us.

Let DMS Technology be Your Personal Shopper and Your IT Consulting Firm.

Let’s go shopping. Give us a call, and we’ll set up a purchasing program, complete with recommendations, convenience , and as much or as little involvement as you like, that’s just right for you. Let’s talk – and, by the way: that is an incredible outfit you’re wearing today!