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The Challenges of Forgoing Mobile Device Management

If you don’t have a plan in place to take care of your employee’s devices, you’re left to your own. This can be a major dilemma if you don’t have ample time to troubleshoot equipment issues when they arise. Murphy’s Law being what it is, hurdles never emerge when you have time to properly address them.

Good news is, partnering with an MSP that specializes in mobile device management (MDM) can help you avoid these inconveniences entirely. MDM service providers help your business establish protocols that minimize inevitable mobile device hassles.

If you choose to forgo this service, here are a few obstacles you’ll likely encounter:

Security and Compliance Risks

Keeping your employee’s devices up to date is important. If you don’t, you immediately put your company at risk for security breaches and compliance violations. Software updates often fix bugs and patch holes that exist in previous versions. When you don’t have the latest version, hackers can potentially access your company’s confidential data via these entry points.

According to a study by the Ponemon Institute, “The odds of an organization experiencing a data breach are one in four.” This same study also stated that the “average total cost of a data breach is $3.62 million in 2017.” Since security breaches are common and costly, it’s best to establish protocols that help you avoid them entirely.   

Decreased Productivity

While mobile devices are a great asset in increasing productivity, they aren’t perfect. Devices often experience software issues, viruses, hardware damage, and more. When they arise, these complications lead to downtime if not swiftly resolved. Without a dedicated MDM provider, you and your company will waste valuable time trying to overcome these obstacles. More time spent troubleshooting and repairing technology equals less time spent increasing revenue.

Damage to Your Reputation  

A data breach can cause serious damage to your company’s reputation. In a post by the HIPPA Journal, results from a recent Ponemon Institute study revealed that “31% of consumers said they discontinued their relationships” with breached entities. The report went on to say that, “65% of consumers said they lost trust in an organization after being affected by one or more breaches.” If consumers cannot trust that you’ll keep their information safe, they’re not going to give it to you. Without a solid reputation and customer base, it will be harder for your business to succeed.

Avoid These Challenges Entirely

Without a plan in place to take care of your employee’s mobile devices, you run the risk of wasting time and money fixing issues that arise. Companies that offer MDM can help you avoid these headaches. With a trusted service provider, you can rest assured in knowing you have protocols in place to prevent security breaches, regulate your mobile applications, solve hardware and software issues, as well as help you stay compliant.

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